Have Pleasure Way – Will Travel!



Hoping to get the blog rollin…again! First stop, Croatan Natl Forest, Cedar point campground.


Don’t be afraid of the dark! (paint color that is….)

Bedroom before

Bedroom before


Bedroom after

This is proof not to be afraid of dark colors in small rooms, especially bedrooms! The new color is Amazon Green by Benjamin Moore. Loved how it turned out, just feels warm and cozy and goes with our Target bedspread perfectly. I also like how it brings out the warmth of the wood floors. Happy painting!



Old and “new” table


Jeff made a great side table from his dad’s original boy scout chest. It’s perfect for right next to our sofa in our living room. So fun to make something new from something old!

Meet the new Live Lightly Tour Family!

Meet the Malson’s! You can check out their blog at http://www.ecowomb.com/about, and the Live Lightly bus has a new look as the Eco Womb Tour rolls on!

Save Blue Like Jazz-The Movie

Please check out the video below that introduces this project, the last day to give is tomorrow, what an amazing thing! I love Don’s writing and hope that this movie will represent his heart and soul well. And to top it off, it will be filmed here in Nashville! Even by giving a buck you can be a part of this.

Here is a link to the latest video from Don on his blog:


Nashville Rocks-American Bang Releases New Album!

Mercy Lounge Nashville, TN

Want some new sounds direct from Music City? Then you’ve got to check out the new self-titled album from American Bang. My cousin Jaren Johnston lends his songwriting skills and rich southern voice to this group of amazing talent. So, check’em out and support some great local Nashville boys! I promise you won’t regret it……


You can purchase the album from there website here or you can download the complete album for $9.99 from iTunes here. ENJOY!!!!!

Here is an acoustic version of their single “Wild and Young.”

Spring is here!

Spring has sprung in Nashville, the flowers and trees are blooming and the pollen is flying! If it wasn’t green before, it is now…. We had a great time spending Easter with my aunt, uncle, cousin and brother that live here in Nashville and their friends (who we have now claimed as family too). We’ve gone through some good  change- have moved into a rental apartment in East Nashville and have officially sold the Live Lightly RV to a great family in Florida (pics coming soon.) Feels great to be getting settled, exploring the town, and it’s been especially sweet to have my brother, Uncle Justin,  just minutes away. I’ve posted some Easter pics above and some pics of Parks enjoying Downtown Nashville below. Cheers to longer days and the warmth of the sun!

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Parks on the Nashville News

WZTV FOX 17/Nashville.

We took advantage of the free admission day at the Country Music Hall of Fame in downtown Nashville. They have what’s called a Musical Petting Zoo where kids can go play instruments they might not normally get to touch! Parks had a great time with the slide guitar (because it was the loudest), he’s the first kid seen in the video. It was fun and best of all, FREE!

Music of the past

Quote by Emmylou Harris, originally uploaded by dancemntn.

To Louisiana……..

Ok, it’s been way too long since a music post! I love this song, and l love listening to Randy Newman’s voice. I had the opportunity to perform to this song many many years ago, so it brings me to tears for so many reasons. I think it celebrates why we are so excited that the Saints will be representing the city of New Orleans at the Superbowl. Yeah, it it is just football, but it’s just so much more then that to the people of New Orleans and the state Louisiana. Guess that’s the South for you, we can be pretty emotional when it comes to the soul of our people and our land.


 This song is dedicated to two beautiful dancers who are no longer with us, who are looking down from heaven I’m sure cheering just as hard as we are. Thank you for the lives you touched, I’m so lucky for having known you….