Monthly Archives: August 2008

Our little gymnast….


Parks goes to a gymnastics day school here in Plano called Infinite Bounds. He absolutely loves his teachers and loves to play in the gym and watch the “big” girls practice. I keep trying to remember to take photos of him playing, but it’s also hard to take them as fast as he runs and flips!

Here are some flickr pics of him in the gym here.

Congrats Nastia!

We were able to enjoy the Welcome Home Nastia Liukin Parade today in Parker, TX. We parked at Southfork Ranch,( yes, the place where they filmed the show Dallas, one of my Friday night faves when I was a kid), and walked over to the parade route. It was another hot sticky TX day, but we had a great time.

You can check out the flickr pics here.

Going Green, Going Cheap Blog

Check out a new blog running on, my hometown newspaper. I’m a contributer and hope to give others some simple ideas to be “greener”  but save money while doing it. Going green doesn’t always have to cost you more. After developing more energy efficient habits, you will more than likely be saving money instead of spending it. Even if it costs a little more to replace your light bulbs with CFL’s, or purchase more energy efficient appliances, etc, it will cost you less in the long run and you’ll be saving the earth too! So, I’ll put a link to the blog on my list and please check it often to see other’s ideas as well.