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House Concerts Rock!

People who know us wouldn’t be surprised to hear that we deeply miss the abundance of live music we had in Colorado. Finally, some beloved Colorado music came to us! Last month, we attended 2 house concerts at the home of Brian and Mary Crews here in Plano. I’m so glad we happened to find out about these 2 shows with Tim and Laurie Thornton and Barry and Michelle Patterson. Thank you Jenn, Justin, and Kelly!

Tim and Laurie Thornton, also known as The Blackthorn Project, now live in  Woodland Park, CO and are former members of Newcomer’s Home, a Boulder, CO based band which featured artists,  Katie Herzig and Andrew Jed. (Both Katie and Andrew are still playing and writing music. Katie is now based out of Nashville, TN and Andrew has moved on to Santa Monica, CA.) Tim and Laurie’s new project is an amazing mix of acoustic mandolin, guitar, fiddle, etc. and beautiful harmonies. That, intertwined with their faith, their love for each other, and their desire to connect to others just breaks down barriers. They are such a down to earth couple!  It was great to take advantage of the house concert setting to finally meet them personally and let them know a little bit about our journey. It was the perfect night for us to hear about God’s huge love for us, even when we continue to doubt ourselves and replay hurtful, negative thoughts in our heads.

Tim and Laurie have been doing more house concerts and have started a non-profit group that uses their talents to foster a community of new ideas and creativity. Check out their website, blog, and you tube vids to learn more about what they are currently up to.

Barry and Michelle Patterson, also ironically hale from Woodland Park and are new peeps in our music world, but we are soooooo glad we got to experience a night with them. Their songwriting is deep and thoughtful, but the melodies are rockin’ and soulful. Both Barry and Michelle are extremely talented both vocally and musically. Their songs were rounded out with the percussion of their new addition to their tour, Melissa, who sounded awesome and made me wish I had learned how to be a chick drummer years ago. I guess I can still wish, huh? Please check out The Patterson’s blog and keep up with these guys and check out their new album, Long,Straight,Uphill Climb, you won’t regret it! Don’t miss their video blogs, pretty hilarious.

Both couples have also been part of the musical collaboration Enter the Worship Circle. Tim and Laurie appear on the Fourth Circle, and Barry and Michelle are featured on the Third Circle with our friends Justin and Kelly Nygren. It’s music that is difficult to explain in words, you really just have to hear it. These albums, in my mind, are like no other worship music I’ve ever heard. They are raw, honest, and beautiful. Go to the About page to find out how this truly amazing project got started.

So, I probably could go on and on about our other fave Boulder musicians, but I’ll save that for another day. There is a deep connection between all these guys that have blessed our lives in ways that I can’t express.  All I ask is that you check out their music, tell your friends, and buy their albums for everyone you know. These sons and daughters depend on us to keep their music seeding and growing and we don’t ever want them to stop!

Tyler Recycles Day Demo and Tyler State Park Weekend


Tyler Recycling Center

Tyler Recycling Center


This past weekend in Tyler was a load of fun. We came home exhausted but it was worth every minute.

A couple of weeks ago I contacted Krist Boyett from the City of Tyler about their Recycles Day. I thought it would be good to get in a couple of small events before the holidays hit since the bus was finally ready for demos. She thought it was a great idea that we bring the bus, so we planned to stay at Tyler State Park and make it another good camping/volunteer weekend. They even added us to their flyer and we were mentioned in a couple of their local newspapers for advertisement. They had a great turnout of people who came by to drop off recycleables, I think the final count was 528!  Some people got out of their warm cars and grabbed a pancake/sausage breakfast and checked out the recycling facility. Even though it was chilly morning, we did get a good group that came in to see what we were all about.   A group of kids from a local school had come out to help for the day, so they were able to take a look at the bus too.  It was also nice to meet some guys from the local veggie oil co-op who have converted their diesel VW’s to run on waste veggie oil.  Jeff did most of the “veggie” talk with them, while I took Parks inside to check out all of the recycling stuff. I had plenty of time to visit with the girls that were there from the Caldwell Zoo since their table had a toy recycling truck Parks was obsessed with! Thanks to the city of Tyler for welcoming us!


Parks riding his bike at the park

Parks riding his bike at the park

On Friday we made the 1 1/2 hour drive to Tyler State Park to camp for 2 nights. We definitely could have stayed longer. Our site was just a few feet from the lake, so beautiful with the change of seasons! Parks could have ridden his bike all day, and loved the freedom of just being able to play outside for hours, although he’s not good at figuring out the “boundaries”! Jeff also fit some time in to ride the mountain bike trail there, something he’s done now for years, but never often enough. I was able to get some photos of Parks in his favorite place, OUTSIDE!  

Steamy sunrise at Tyler State Park

Steamy sunrise at Tyler State Park

Fall colors at Tyler State Park

Fall colors at Tyler State Park

I definitely recommend Tyler State Park as a destination camping spot. The city of Tyler is just 10 miles away and has anything you would possibly need. I’ve added a video from the park’s website here:

It was definitely nice to be able to camp long enough in the RV for me to learn some more things about how everything works. I kind’ve leave all that stuff up to Jeff to take care of, but I guess need to know how to work everything too. I’ll still let him do the dirty work though!  We’ve only camped in tents, pop-up campers and, a VW van (oops, I brought that up didn’t I? ) in the past so there are way more buttons, switches, pipes, and hookups then I’ve ever seen before. There is still alot for me to learn, but hopefully there will be alot more opportunities for that process. We sure hope we can make this tour work and make the bus our future home. Thanks to everyone who is supporting this dream!

Please check out the pics of the Tyler Recycles Day demo here.

Also, check out the Tyler State Park camping pics here.

America Recycles Day November 15th!
















Go to to find a recycling event near you.

Come see us in downtown Tyler, TX for Tyler Recycles Day.

 The following special items will be accepted, so clean out those closets!

  • Blankets for the animals at the Humane Society
  • House materials for the Habitat for Humanity Restore
  • Cell phones for the Caldwell Zoo
  • Electronics for Goodwill. Goodwill refurbishes or disassembles the electronics and guarantees data removal of all hard drives based on the Department of Defense Standards and Guidelines.
  • Eyeglasses for Lions Club
  • Always accepted items such as: aluminum cans, newspapers, magazines, advertisements, junk mail, office paper, corrugated cardboard and paperboard, clear, brown, and green glass, #1 and #2 plastics

  Happy America Recycles Day!


Live Green in Plano RV Demo


Live Lightly Tour Demo at Live Green in Plano Volunteer Class Nov 2008
Live Lightly Tour Demo at Live Green in Plano Volunteer Class Nov 2008

We had our first RV demo this past Saturday here in Plano. Deb Bliss, the Volunteer Coordinator for Live Green in Plano contacted us about speaking at their training class and giving our first RV tour.  Live Green in Plano is a wonderful program the city offers to educate and promote awareness about recycling and conservation. The volunteer program gives free education to Plano residents who are willing to give their time helping out during various events throughout the year.  How cool is that?

“The Live Green Volunteer Program is a local training opportunity for volunteers to work in partnership with the staff of the Sustainability & Environmental Services Department and extend information throughout our community. .  Live GreenVolunteers will pledge to take individual actions toward greener living and help others do the same.”

We have been extremely impressed with the recycling programs and educational resources that Plano has to offer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen everywhere, but we hope that other cities can follow suit and become more active with recycling and reuse programs. Even just educating their communities about the importance of environmental care would provide healthier living for everyone.

It was really fun to visit with the volunteers and was a great opportunity to talk a little bit about our mission and give a brief tour of the bus.

You can see the photos of the demo here.

We are attending Tyler Recycles Day in downtown Tyler,TX this Saturday, November 15th from 8-noon. Please come by and say hi and take a tour of the bus if you are in the area!

 For directions and more information about the event and what type of special items that will be accepted go here:  Tyler Recycles Day

Also, please let us know what creative things your community is doing to educate and promote greener living!


The Green RV-New York Times Article

Check out the article in today’s New York Times featuring our buddies Sara and Matt Janssen from the Live Lightly Tour! It also features other RV’rs using their road homes as ways to promote sustainability and less dependence on energy resources. It even mentions us as we carry on the life of the original Live Lightly RV.

You can read the full article here.

Maiden Voyage and Sweet Potato Round-Up

Jeff and Parks Gleaning Sweet Potatoes

Jeff and Parks Gleaning Sweet Potatoes


Antique tractor at the Golden Sweet Potato Festival

Antique tractor at the Golden Sweet Potato Festival

So, finally, after a few months of projects and Texas heat, we were able to take the Live Lightly RV out to Mineola, TX and camp for the weekend. We made it to Mineola Friday evening and came back on Sunday afternoon, exhausted but happy. We volunteered with a gleaning group first thing sat morning, hung out at the Golden Sweet Potato Festival that afternoon, and enjoyed a great lunch in downtown Mineola on Sunday.

We had already planned a gleaning project with The Gleaning Network of Texas for that Saturday. It was their annual Sweet Potato Round-Up just north of Alba and Golden, TX  to glean thousands of pounds of sweet potatoes for delivery to local food agencies, pantries, and other needy organizations. Over 30,000 lbs were collected!

“If approximately 20% of all produce grown in the state goes to waste before reaching the processor or grocery store, then 325 million pounds of fresh, nutritious, edible produce are available to help feed hungry Texans. The Gleaning Network of Texas salvages this surplus produce that fails to meet market standards in size, color, or shape for pennies per pound and distributes it to agencies with food assistance programs such as food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters.”

We’ve been wanting to get involved in gleaning for quite a while now, and it was the perfect event for us to do that. We were able to take back around 250 lbs of potatoes to Hope’s Door in Plano where they were distributed to several families. Parks had a great time on the farm, he filled a couple of bags worth of potatoes with Jeff, then decided it was time to play with his dump trucks. Thank goodness we took those, he was in heaven for the rest of our time at the farm. Dirt and more dirt, perfect!  It kept him busy while Jeff helped the other volunteers load the truckbeds. It was a great experience and a project that will definitely become a major focus of our mission in the coming months. I’ve found some great websites that can put you in touch with gleaning groups in your area if you are interested in getting involved in this process of food recovery for the hungry.

Check out the Sweet Potato Round-Up photos here.

Our stay at Somewhere RV park in Mineola was great. The owners, Jan and Don Nicholas, were wonderful people to visit with and we even scored some sweet potato casserole from Jan. I can handle that! It was a great park, please check it out if you are close to the Tyler area. It’s very close to Mineola’s quaint downtown with restaurants, a movie theater, and gift shops. Marley even got to meet her twin, Lucy, and you can check out that fun and the rest of our weekend pics here.

” When you reap the harvest of your land, do not reap to the very edges of your field or gather the gleanings of your harvest. Do not go over your vineyard a second time or pick up the grapes that have fallen. Leave them for the poor and the alien. I am the LORD your God.” Leviticus 19:9,10

Please leave a comment if you have any questions about gleaning and I’d love to try to answer them for you. Peace and blessings to all of you this fall season…..