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No pool? No problem!

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Oh, you don’t even have a bucket my size? Hmmm, at least part of me will fit…….

Gotta love our girl Marley!

 Sometimes you just have to work with what you have, and be a little creative………..

Worship @ 8500

So, we didn’t make it to the mountains for this inaugural fest this summer, but maybe there’s next year? Thanks Tim and Laurie for posting this! You can learn more about Tim and Laurie from their website and my blog post here:

All that I know
Is love has come around
Like the grass under the golden sun
pushes through the ground
All I know is love has come around

All that I know
Is peace has come around
Like the rain beneath the silver moon
glistens to the ground
all I know is peace has come around

I will kiss the days behind me now
and thank you for the beauty that I never saw
I will say goodbye to what is gone
Welcome what I know has been here all along
Been here all along

I finally see tonight
The bluing of the sky
I run into the arms that have been open all the time
Open all the time

By Timothy Floyd Thornton and Laura Elizabeth Thornton
Bricklayer Music Publishing(ASCAP)/Music Guru Publishing(ASCAP)
© Bricklayer Music Publishing 2006. All rights reserved. Please email us for a license to re-record or include this song in media.