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Nashville Rocks-American Bang Releases New Album!

Mercy Lounge Nashville, TN

Want some new sounds direct from Music City? Then you’ve got to check out the new self-titled album from American Bang. My cousin Jaren Johnston lends his songwriting skills and rich southern voice to this group of amazing talent. So, check’em out and support some great local Nashville boys! I promise you won’t regret it……


You can purchase the album from there website here or you can download the complete album for $9.99 from iTunes here. ENJOY!!!!!

Here is an acoustic version of their single “Wild and Young.”

Spring is here!

Spring has sprung in Nashville, the flowers and trees are blooming and the pollen is flying! If it wasn’t green before, it is now…. We had a great time spending Easter with my aunt, uncle, cousin and brother that live here in Nashville and their friends (who we have now claimed as family too). We’ve gone through some good  change- have moved into a rental apartment in East Nashville and have officially sold the Live Lightly RV to a great family in Florida (pics coming soon.) Feels great to be getting settled, exploring the town, and it’s been especially sweet to have my brother, Uncle Justin,  just minutes away. I’ve posted some Easter pics above and some pics of Parks enjoying Downtown Nashville below. Cheers to longer days and the warmth of the sun!

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Parks on the Nashville News

WZTV FOX 17/Nashville.

We took advantage of the free admission day at the Country Music Hall of Fame in downtown Nashville. They have what’s called a Musical Petting Zoo where kids can go play instruments they might not normally get to touch! Parks had a great time with the slide guitar (because it was the loudest), he’s the first kid seen in the video. It was fun and best of all, FREE!

Music of the past

Quote by Emmylou Harris, originally uploaded by dancemntn.

Caring for Haiti………

2009-09-24 035

Pictured above-Naomi and Sarah (

I’ve posted a letter from some friends of ours below, please read their story and help if you can.

Dear Friends, As all of you know Haiti is very close to mine and Jason’s hearts. Not only is our daughter there, but we have also grown to love and respect the Haitian people. There are no words to describe the hurt and anguish the people of Haiti are going through right now. The destruction to Haiti is massive. And Haiti on it’s own, has no way of recovering. Jason and I are asking for your help. Please pray. On your knees pray. Naomi and the other children at the orphanage are safe and being well taken care of. But you cannot take away the chaos that is all around them. You have seen the horrible conditions in which the people are fighting for their lives in. Please, these children and thousands more are among this. Pray for them. Pray for the people of Haiti. We are also asking you to give. Our sweet Naomi’s home was destroyed by the earthquake. Maranatha Orphanage is a part of Heartline Ministries. Heartline is an amazing ministry that provides much needed help to the Haitian people. Several other buildings of Heartline were also severely damaged. Heartline needs your support. They need your prayers and they need your donations to rebuild. Right now they are facing a shortage of food for the children, shortage of fuel for the generators and vehicles, and they need medical supplies and water. Please go to their website and help them. There is a donate button that will get your money directly to the earthquake relief. Please give as you feel led. Even ten dollars can help in a huge way. Take the time to read the blog and see the devastation from someone who is living in it. Go here to donate: there is a great need for medical teams. Haiti is in no way equipped to care for all the injured and dying. Whether you are a nurse, doctor, fireman, etc. Haiti needs your help. Please if this is something you would consider doing let Jason ( ) or me ( ) know. These are urgent needs. Please let us know if we can give you anymore information. Troy and Tara Livesay are missionaries in Haiti. They are updating their blog as they get internet. Please check their blog for any more needs that need to be met. Jason is keeping our blog updated with needs and information also. Anything we hear in regards to Naomi and the other children are being updated. ( ) If you have a twitter account, Jason is tweeting info as he receives it. Also, Troy Livesay is tweeting when he is able. Help us get the word out. Send this email to as many people as you can and let’s help Haiti. Thanks to you all”, Jason and Sarah Hyatt

Pumpkin Patch Time

Parks BW Truck

Pumpkin 09

Parks and I headed to the Big Orange Pumpkin Patch in Prosper, TX today (along with everyone else in the Metroplex!)

Anyway, we did get to squeeze on the hayride, which of course was his favorite part of the whole day. He tried to feed the goats, but with all of the attention, I don’t think these guys were the least big hungry.  Fun stuff, and perfect weather for it all!

You can check out the pics here.

Enjoy the Fall…………………….

No pool? No problem!

August 2009 003

August 2009 017

August 2009 028

August 2009 034

August 2009 041

Oh, you don’t even have a bucket my size? Hmmm, at least part of me will fit…….

Gotta love our girl Marley!

 Sometimes you just have to work with what you have, and be a little creative………..