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Meet the new Live Lightly Tour Family!

Meet the Malson’s! You can check out their blog at, and the Live Lightly bus has a new look as the Eco Womb Tour rolls on!

Little Boxes: Live Lightly Tour Veggie Bus featured in E-Magazine!

See the full article here:

Tiny Texas Houses are built almost entirely of salvaged materials and cost between $60,000 and $90,000.
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And Yes! The bus is for sale! Contact Kim at for info. We are settling down in Nashville, TN so we are having to move on from bus life! Please let us know if you are interested!

Happy Holidays!

Live Lightly Tour RV For Sale (Sold March 2010)

Hi all, we are putting up the Live Lightly Tour RV up for sale, please email me at if interested or if you would like more info. You can see some pics here. And find more details about bus on Live Lightly Tour Q&A page.


30 Days

So, though the experience might not be as thought provoking or entertaining as a 30 Days episode with Morgan Spurlock, we are happy to report that have made it to our one month mark living in the RV! Probably the only major thing I have regretted is not labeling some of our storage boxes better. We made sure not to load the bus down in the beginning, but now I can’t remember where some things might have ventured off to. But for the most part, we haven’t missed extra clothes, shoes, and other random stuff.  Just another reminder of what is TRULY important………………..

Parks and Marley April 2009

Welcome to Bus Life 101

Kitchen…….and Mr. Parks, originally uploaded by dancemntn.

I apologize I haven’t been updating our blog with more then just a couple of sentences lately. We’ve been crazy-busy packing and moving our belongings into storage so that we could finally call our bus home for a while. And no, before you get too excited wondering if we have hit the road, I have to tell you that we are staying put in TX for now. This is where we’ve been placed for the time being and I’m guessing there are many reasons for that (not that I know all of them). But what I do know is that this transition to smaller living has been easier then I ever dreamed it would be. Having only owned one vehicle between the two of us for almost a year, selling alot of our “stuff” last summer, and just knowing that this move would get us closer to our goals just prepared us for our jump into tiny house living.
This is our third week in the bus and the time has really flown. We’ve both been amazed at how natural it feels to be living this way. I think I’ll just list some reasons that we’ve come up with so far:
Living in such a small space requires everyone to do their part, so there is no being lazy about anything. It makes us take responsibility for everything we do, whether that’s taking care of the dog, making sure items are picked up and put away everytime they are used, taking out our small bags of trash and dumping the recycling when it gets full, and monitoring our use of hot water (we only have a 6 gallon hot water tank). We are so much more aware of the requirements of simpler living. Either use it, reuse it, recycle it, or don’t buy it in the first place! This bus has great storage, but there is no room for excess. RV’ing is the perfect example of conserving resources like water and electricity and I will talk more about that in a future post.   It has been a joy for me to be able to work by natural sunlight in my new “office.”

Another major thing we’ve learned is that this life all about living purposefully and realizing that everything you do and what type of attitude you have doing it affects the people you live with in a major way.We also get outside so much more then we ever did living in our duplex. Yes, we had a backyard, but we also had everything we needed inside too, so the yard was never a very enjoyable place to be. Now, out of necessity, the outdoors becomes your kitchen, your play area, and somewhere to get some fresh air and exercise. Marley’s happier when she gets exercise, and so are we, because after working desk jobs all day, we need the walks way more then she does. Parks loves to tag along with his bike and is loving our little patio area. It’s the perfect place for him to hang out with his trucks and rocks, his dream!
So, that’s in a nutshell what we’ve been experiencing so far this month. Of course, the summer may bring a whole new twist to this experience, but as of right now we will enjoy this cooler spring weather while we can. I’ll also be adding some more pics to the bus set, click on the pic above to see the current set of photos I’ve posted on our Flickr. Just wanted to at least get a quick update out about the move.  I also have some Easter egg hunt pics from Jacob’s Reward Farm in Parker, TX still to post and will blog about some other topics I’ve been wanting to chat about.

Until next time………

The Green RV-New York Times Article

Check out the article in today’s New York Times featuring our buddies Sara and Matt Janssen from the Live Lightly Tour! It also features other RV’rs using their road homes as ways to promote sustainability and less dependence on energy resources. It even mentions us as we carry on the life of the original Live Lightly RV.

You can read the full article here.