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Meet the new Live Lightly Tour Family!

Meet the Malson’s! You can check out their blog at, and the Live Lightly bus has a new look as the Eco Womb Tour rolls on!

Little Boxes: Live Lightly Tour Veggie Bus featured in E-Magazine!

See the full article here:

Tiny Texas Houses are built almost entirely of salvaged materials and cost between $60,000 and $90,000.
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And Yes! The bus is for sale! Contact Kim at for info. We are settling down in Nashville, TN so we are having to move on from bus life! Please let us know if you are interested!

Happy Holidays!

Live Lightly Tour RV For Sale (Sold March 2010)

Hi all, we are putting up the Live Lightly Tour RV up for sale, please email me at if interested or if you would like more info. You can see some pics here. And find more details about bus on Live Lightly Tour Q&A page.


The Natural State

Lookout, originally uploaded by dancemntn.

Alright, I’m back to the blogging world. Today’s goal is to get some photos from the past few weeks uploaded, so I thought I’d start with our recent trip to Arkansas. We headed up to Hot Springs last week to stay for a few days and explore one of our favorite states.  Our stay at the Lake Hamilton Resort was, well, interesing. You would definitely want to hang out there if your decor preference leans towards mauve and lots of it! It was a little outdated, BUT  it perfectly fit what we needed for a few days. It was clean,  very roomy, allowed pets and offered free breakfast every morning, so no complaints here! 

We started the trip off with a visit to the Mid-America Science Museum . I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, we all had fun with the hands on projects. Parks and Jeff could have stayed for hours just trying out the earthquake engineering (Lego and Lincoln Log play for big kids!) Then there was the sand pendelum, that was my obsession, it was just so meditative…….. sand………moving………sand……Anyway, we headed up to Petit Jean State Park the next day to do a 2 1/4 mile hike down to Cedar Falls. The falls were roaring!  It had been years since Jeff and I had enjoyed the beauty of that place. Parks had a great time on his “adventure” and Jeff even braved the slick rock to take him behind the waterfall. I decided I would just be the dog sitter at that point, and let the explorers do their thing. It was a great workout and just felt so good to get OUT! We also drooled in the museum of automobiles there on Petit Jean mountain. Great collection which included  Bill Clinton’s Mustang,  one of JFK’s family cars and some of our favorite classic rides.  We rounded out the trip with a tourist stop at the Hot Springs Duck Tours. Jeff and I had never ridden the ducks, so we thought why not!? Parks had a good time when the duck hit the water and it was a needed break from a very hot and humid day on the town. Next day’s travel was to West Monroe, LA for a quick visit and to drop off Parks for a week visit with the grandfolks-then back to TX for work for Mom and Dad-ugggh……… Vacations go so darn fast!

Check out the flickr photos from Petit Jean State Park  here, Hot Springs here, and our short visit back to West Monroe here.  Also, I uploaded some fun birthday party pics of Parks from last month at the Frisco Horse Park. Goats and horses aplenty! Check out the party pics here.

More blogs to come soon- maybe even a book post, we have been making more time to read lately……………