Green Tips

Simple tips for living lighter on the planet!


  • Reduce the amount of packaging you purchase by buying items in bulk or from the bulk bins at your local health food/grocer.
  • Reduce your entertainment purchases by borrowing movies, music,books, and even magazines from your local library.
  • Reduce your consumption of meals out, clothing, and home purchases. Check your local Salvation Army, Goodwill, and thrift stores for items you’d like to own and don’t impulse buy. Check websites such as and for items that can be bought for a reduced price rather then purchased brand new. 


  • Reuse paper for printing and scratchpaper. Some junk mail, papers that come home from school, work, etc, can be used in this way before recycling.
  • Purchase or design your own reusable grocery bag to reduce your consumption of plastic bags.
  • Purchase or make cloth napkins that you can use for meals and spills instead of always relying on paper napkins and paper towels.


  • Take advantage of any and all local recycling programs in your area. Stay informed and contact your local communities for information on where to take paper, plastic, cardboard, glass, and also electronics. Some cities offer curbside pick-up for items and special drop-off recycling days.
  • If there isn’t recycling in your area, find out more about what your community has planned in environmental conservation for the future.


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