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I’m trying to catch up with some happenings from April- maybe I’ll be done by July! Parks got a really cool bubble blower from the Easter Bunny, so we had some bubble fun that afternoon. It must have been a really humid day(imagine that) because the bubbles just kept hanging out in the air. It gave me time to take some photos of them floating around doing their bubble thing. The sunlight or the bubble mix was just right because they were crazy iridescent, no Photoshop edits I promise! Aside from the fact I don’t have PSE on my computer at this very moment, I’m not skilled enough to do anything cool without hours of staring at the computer clicking around wondering what might happen.  Just plane jane nature at it’s best.  Anyway, Parks was more interested in making the bubbles and then whacking at them with the blower, some form of bubble fighting I guess. Such a boy! You can check out the pics from that day on flickr here.