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Save Blue Like Jazz-The Movie

Please check out the video below that introduces this project, the last day to give is tomorrow, what an amazing thing! I love Don’s writing and hope that this movie will represent his heart and soul well. And to top it off, it will be filmed here in Nashville! Even by giving a buck you can be a part of this.

Here is a link to the latest video from Don on his blog:


Summer Day

Mckinney Farmer's Market and Jacob's Reward Farm 002

I had a toasty Saturday cruising the town, I headed up toMcKinney for their weekly farmer’s market at Chestnut Square.

Mckinney Farmer's Market and Jacob's Reward Farm 013

I didn’t spend all my money at the market, just picked up a  bunch of lavender (which I’m attempting to dry and it’s shedding all over our dining table, but gosh it smells good) and some yummy mango drinkable yogurt from Lucky Layla Farms.

 Mckinney Farmer's Market and Jacob's Reward Farm 027

Here are some more pics from the day…

Chestnut Square………

Mckinney Farmer's Market and Jacob's Reward Farm 018

Mckinney Farmer's Market and Jacob's Reward Farm 023

Mckinney Farmer's Market and Jacob's Reward Farm 035

Mckinney Farmer's Market and Jacob's Reward Farm 036

Mckinney Farmer's Market and Jacob's Reward Farm 042

Downtown McKinney…

Mckinney 003

 I also  stopped by Jacob’s Reward Farm to pay Cindy a visit and got to say hi to her new alpaca boys. They are less then a year old and just so darn cute, still a little skiddish, but will soon warm up to their new home and barnmates. You can check out some funny videos and her updates on the farm on her blog, http://www.jacobsreward.blogspot.com/. She’s even started recording a podcast, so check that out too. She’s a wealth of knowledge and it’s been fun to pick her brain on some things. I hope to visit her world again soon and give Jeff the official tour.

  The new boys on the block…..

Mckinney Farmer's Market and Jacob's Reward Farm 077

Thing’s I’m loving:

Mary Jane’s Farm magazine: http://www.maryjanesfarm.org/magazine.html

Crissa’s Closet , a women’s consignment shop run by Hope’s Door, Plano women’s shelter. Designer clothing at less then $10, and your cash goes to a good cause, who can beat that? Much of my excess clothing that was weeded out last year has made a home there too.

Currently reading: Dark Summit: The True Story of Everest’s Most Controversial Season, next up are Truck and Population: 485 by Michael Perry,  just finished Farewell My Subaru by Doug Fine,http://www.dougfine.com/ ,  (a must read!)

Take it easy, stay cool, I think we’ll be hitting the 100 degree mark here next week, thank God for air conditioning………….

Easter Down At The Farm

Lovely little lambs, originally uploaded by dancemntn.

So, I sort’ve have an addiction to e-newsletters. Ok, I DO have an addiction to e-newsletters.  I sign up for them all the time, mostly because I know I’ll lose touch with a lot of really cool websites that I run across. Because of that, my email box is full of stuff I’ll never get a chance to read that just go straight to trash. BUT, there is one that I read every time it pops in my inbox. It’s the Local Harvest  update for my Plano area ( I’ve added Boulder,CO to that list just for laughs and giggles.) I totally recommend checking this website out and signing up for an email notification of events around you, like farmer’s markets, gleaning groups, CSA’s,  and local farm happenings. 

 Anyway, there aren’t a ton of events or postings that show up around  DFW, but a couple of weeks ago I noticed a posting that was right up my alley! Cindy from Jacob’s Reward Farm in Parker had invited some of her shareholders and friends to an Easter egg hunt at the farm. I quickly emailed her to check things out and she was so gracious to have Parks and I come as visitors. The weather turned out perfect and Parks got his candy fill for the day. He didn’t want to leave, he could have just chilled with the chickens all day. (Well, he mostly heckled them……especially after one laid an egg!) We got to see their sheep, Shadrach and Zacheaus, Lucy the ewe, the baby lambs and the alpacas too.  (Forgive me, I can’t remember all their names. ) After some of the guests had  left, he was able to feed the donkeys, Aaron and Moses. He loved every minute of it.

Cindy also showed me her cool knitting studio. I’m not a knitter, but I sure do have some friends that would have totally gone crazy! Maybe I’ll go take a class w/her one day. Check out her website here, http://jacobsreward.com/index.htm  and her blog, http://www.jacobsreward.blogspot.com/    where she posts all kinds of fun things happening at the farm. Parks and I will definitely have to go back and maybe next time drag Jeff there and put him to work!!!! Footnote-Poor Jeff was slaving away that day at our storage room organizing it so we could actually get to stuff!

Click on the lamb pic above to see photos from the farm hunt, for eggs that is.

I pledge………

Today I pledge to be a better mom, wife, and feed the hungry through gleaning……..