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Have you hugged your Florist today?


Parks's rendition of a tie-dyed heart!

I’m adopting an extra name for Valentine’s Day-Hug Your Florist Day!  Or, if the touchy feely is not your gig, at least be thankful and acknowledge the long hard hours and sleepless nights  these guys put in to make this day special for you and your honey, or whomever you decide to appreciate on days like this.  Holidays are exhausting for florists, I should know, I come from 2 generations of them. My Grandad is 79 and still goes in to work every day. It can be a strain on your body, arthritis in the hands, lots of aches and pains from forming thousands upon thousands of flowers into beautiful displays of love, kindness, remembrance, and celebration. I’d like to give a shout out to my family that has provided our hometown with decades of flower power, love you guys!! Support your own hometown families and buy local, they cannot survive without you; and give them a smile that says “thank you” to the ones that make it possible………..