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Tis the season


Yes, the “season” is here. Happy holidays, eeeek! Yes, call me Mrs. Scrooge, but my favorite parts of the holidays are not shopping or opening gifts. It’s rather the food, the lights, the parades, the candy…seeing long lost family and friends…. Maybe it’s because I’m still nursing a chest and head full of phlegm leftover from last week, but I sit here again telling myself not to get worked up about what I can’t give people and focus on what I AM able to give. But maybe that will have to wait for a day where my head is clearer to get to that “able” part.

I ran across this “pre-consumption prayer” this week and thought about all the junk that gets purchased just to be thrown in the trash on December 25th.

“May the food we eat feed those who farmed it. May the things we buy support those who fashioned and shipped and sold them. For everything we enjoy from your good earth, God, thank you”

You can find Rachel’s full article here at Sojourners : http://www.sojo.net/blog/godspolitics/?p=4211

I just want it to be a special time, time to focus on the abundance of what we have, of what we’ve been given  and the amazing potential of who and what we are able to be and do through the birth of Christ. Let this time be a reminder that the season of giving shouldn’t be just a couple of days in December. I pray that everyday that we wake, our souls would be reminded of what are true needs really are in this world and how can we meet those for others who cannot meet their own.

More random thoughts for the season:

Check out my friends from Twisted Limb Paperworks at http://twistedlimb.blogspot.com/. They’ve got some great homemade and inexpensive/sustainable gifting ideas.

For TRUE Fair Trade and Organic body products, check out Dr. Bronner’s. Their soaps are amazing and are really true to natural body care. You can check out this page that talks more about their “Come Clean Campaign” to expose those “organic cheaters” out there in the personal care industry. I use their Sal Suds cleaner for everything in our house from dishes to clothes.

I posted some new pics from our Thanksgiving trip to Louisiana on flickr. You can see those here.

Oh, and one last thing, my hubby got me the new Brett Dennen album for my birthday, Hope for the Hopeless. Awesome. Here is a recent World Cafe interview with Brett: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=97416699

I do wish this to be a season of  good memories, free from the debt  to our pocketbooks and our souls!