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Dash to West Monroe

Cooling OffWe had a great visit to West Monroe this past weekend. It was a very short trip, but pretty relaxing. We dropped a few things off of sentimental value, my great-grandmother’s china,some of Parks’s baby things, and some random items for my little brother’s new house in Nashville.  We are aiming to have very few things in storage, probably only family photos and some art that we just can’t yet part with once we finally start living on the road.

Parks enjoyed swimming in my grandparents’ new saltwater pool. It’s much easier now for both my grandad and my dad to take care of without the use of chemicals that need to be constantly monitored. And sounds so much safer for everyone too!

You can see our trip photos here.

We’ll be posting very soon about our family’s plans for this fall and the beginning of 2009. Stay tuned!