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Dish on documentaries

We’ve always been a fan of random documentaries, especially the ones that showed up on VH1 and MTV long before dvd’s made an appearance. I love checking them out from the library when I can, and when we had Netflix, that’s about the only thing that showed up in our mailbox. Anything from music to mountain biking, skiing, political stuff, to social issues that interest us. I think for me it’s a quick way to educate myself about a particular topic without having to spend days reading a book about it.

Living in Boulder, we were exposed to alot of the outdoor independent film festivals like the Taos and Banff and had a blast at Warren Miller’s ski movie showcase every year at the Boulder Theater. You showed up, got a free ski pass, watched a killer ski movie with some great filming and had a chance to win cool stuff. It can’t get much better! Fun times…..

I’ve compiled a list of some of the doc’s we’ve seen lately, and tried to list the ones who have left a lasting impression.

  • War DanceBeautiful  film about school children in Northern Uganda trying to make it to the capital to compete in the nation’s music festival. Very hopeful, but honest about what these children and their families have been suffering through to get to where they are today. “The war stole everything, except their music.”
  • What Would Jesus Buy?-I heard about this film from listening to a podcast from Imago Dei community in Portland, OR. They interviewed producer Morgan Spurlock from Supersize Me, about his newer film during the church’s focus on their Advent Conspiracy movement.
     It’s pretty darn funny and follows the tour of a “preacher” who goes into shopping malls, churches, and even Disneyworld to preach the gospel of STOP SHOPPING!!!! It’s a fairly honest portrayal of where we’ve come as a culture . Christmas is now more of a marketing scheme then ever before rather than the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

Advent Conspiracy is an international movement restoring the scandal of Christmas by worshipping Jesus through compassion, not consumption.

  • The Journey– Great story about a guy, his dog, and some friends who set off on a journey to meet and question some really well known folks around the U.S. and ask them some of the major questions in life. Oh yeah, they travel in a 1971 Volkswagen bus!!! It’s worth every penny, and when we are needing a little inspiration, like now, we pull it out and enjoy every minute of it. Check it out!
  • Go FurtherSo take Woody Harrelson and a bio-fuel bus and add some others to the mix. They take their lives on the road to teach others about alternative fuels and choices we can make to improve our health and living. It’s great, man, we really need to watch that one again…………
  • Shut Up and SingOk, shameless ad for these chicks! Yes, their song “Taking the Long Way” did inspire this blog………….
  • An Inconvienent Truth-If you don’t know what this one is about, no excuses, just watch it!!!!

Ok, so I won’t bore you with more titles…………….. more later

Feel free to leave a comment on some documentaries that speak to you, maybe have changed the way you think about an issue, political view, way of life, or culture, or just make you laugh. It’s good to have those too!!!