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Wondering, dreaming…..

So, it’s been a month since I wrote my last post. After we got home from Arkansas, we’ve been spending time brainstorming even further about living on the road fulltime as a family. I started thinking about this as a possibility several months ago, just desiring for something more for our lives and for our 3 year old son, Parks. We absolutely love to travel and meet new people, learning about new places, opportunities, foods, history, music, etc. I work remotely from home, so it just made sense to research other families who have been doing this, or are just starting, asking the same questions about just how to live and make it on the road. That’s how we ran across Matt and Sara Janssen of the Live Lightly Tour. They are a young family with a 4 year old daughter, Bella, traveling the country in a veggie oil powered RV. I had to learn more!!!!! I contacted them because we currently live in Plano, TX and luckily for us they were going to be making a stop in Dallas, TX in April of this year.

They were able to spend a couple of days in town, so we really got to know them a bit more and find out some great information about living on the road. Jeff was able to learn alot from Matt about the veggie oil conversion, and I just tried to soak up Sara’s knowledge of raw food, being a loving mommy, and just lover of life.

After they left, we honestly felt a loss. I think we knew in our hearts that being with them solidified our desires to do much of the same thing and we were having to temporarily let go of our dreams as their RV rolled away.  Matt was able to speak at our church the day they left, at Life in Deep Ellum, and told everyone how when they set out to travel, they knew they wanted to make it a mission as well, to spread some love around. That’s exactly the way we felt too, so my heart and mind began to work overtime, questioning where we as a family could make a difference and a positive impact in communities.

For some reason, my heart kept going back to hunger in America. There is no perfect solution for combating such an overwhelming problem, but just one person can make a difference, right? Check out the starfish story for some inspiration.

So, our goals for our “mission” would be somehow to highlight those local food banks and shelters that never get much focus, especially when it’s not a holiday. People are hungry everyday, not just Thanksgiving and Christmas. Do I have any experience w/non-profits? Not much, donations of food/clothing/supplies when we’ve been able to. I’ve always wished I could do more. Within the last 2 years we’ve given more of our stuff away then we have since we were first married. We are just finally opening our eyes and our hearts to the fact that we don’t need all this stuff that we’ve worked so many long hours since the minute we were out of college to acquire . Way too many cars, 2 houses, and countless other things we could have done without. We’ve also come to realize, unfortunately late in our Christian walk, that we are to take care of the “least of these.”

Matthew 25:35-36For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

 So thanks to Matt and Sara,  we now may have an opportunity to make our mission and dream happen and it’s alot to comprehend.

I’ll end by saying I will spend more time on this blog so that hopefully when we hit the road, people will have somewhere to go to learn more about us and our future plans.

Step#1-Huge garage/estate sale on June 14th!!!!!!!

Thanks for listening………………….