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30 Days

So, though the experience might not be as thought provoking or entertaining as a 30 Days episode with Morgan Spurlock, we are happy to report that have made it to our one month mark living in the RV! Probably the only major thing I have regretted is not labeling some of our storage boxes better. We made sure not to load the bus down in the beginning, but now I can’t remember where some things might have ventured off to. But for the most part, we haven’t missed extra clothes, shoes, and other random stuff.  Just another reminder of what is TRULY important………………..

Parks and Marley April 2009

RV Update October 2008

So here are a few pics of the RV as of lately. We have been painting, doing some exterior projects, and finally decorating it to make it feel like home.

We’ll be doing some more bedroom projects with the cabinets and flooring and will be packing it up for a weekend camping trip in a few days. We finally traded in our fave Subaru Outback for a 2003 Honda CRV 4WD that we should be able to easily use as a toad car.

Our plans are still to stay here in Plano for the next few months, selling, organizing, getting rid of more stuff, doing more projects, and lots of planning to allow us to hopefully hit the road Spring 2009.

I’ll do another post soon that details everything ” inside and out”, just wanted to get a few new pics up for you guys.