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Worship @ 8500

So, we didn’t make it to the mountains for this inaugural fest this summer, but maybe there’s next year? Thanks Tim and Laurie for posting this! http://www.theblackthornproject.com/2009/07/23/all-that-i-know/ You can learn more about Tim and Laurie from their website and my blog post here: https://searchingtheway.wordpress.com/2008/11/24/house-concerts-rock/

All that I know
Is love has come around
Like the grass under the golden sun
pushes through the ground
All I know is love has come around

All that I know
Is peace has come around
Like the rain beneath the silver moon
glistens to the ground
all I know is peace has come around

I will kiss the days behind me now
and thank you for the beauty that I never saw
I will say goodbye to what is gone
Welcome what I know has been here all along
Been here all along

I finally see tonight
The bluing of the sky
I run into the arms that have been open all the time
Open all the time

By Timothy Floyd Thornton and Laura Elizabeth Thornton
Bricklayer Music Publishing(ASCAP)/Music Guru Publishing(ASCAP)
© Bricklayer Music Publishing 2006. All rights reserved. Please email us for a license to re-record or include this song in media.

House Concerts Rock!

People who know us wouldn’t be surprised to hear that we deeply miss the abundance of live music we had in Colorado. Finally, some beloved Colorado music came to us! Last month, we attended 2 house concerts at the home of Brian and Mary Crews here in Plano. I’m so glad we happened to find out about these 2 shows with Tim and Laurie Thornton and Barry and Michelle Patterson. Thank you Jenn, Justin, and Kelly!

Tim and Laurie Thornton, also known as The Blackthorn Project, now live in  Woodland Park, CO and are former members of Newcomer’s Home, a Boulder, CO based band which featured artists,  Katie Herzig and Andrew Jed. (Both Katie and Andrew are still playing and writing music. Katie is now based out of Nashville, TN and Andrew has moved on to Santa Monica, CA.) Tim and Laurie’s new project is an amazing mix of acoustic mandolin, guitar, fiddle, etc. and beautiful harmonies. That, intertwined with their faith, their love for each other, and their desire to connect to others just breaks down barriers. They are such a down to earth couple!  It was great to take advantage of the house concert setting to finally meet them personally and let them know a little bit about our journey. It was the perfect night for us to hear about God’s huge love for us, even when we continue to doubt ourselves and replay hurtful, negative thoughts in our heads.

Tim and Laurie have been doing more house concerts and have started a non-profit group that uses their talents to foster a community of new ideas and creativity. Check out their website, blog, and you tube vids to learn more about what they are currently up to.

Barry and Michelle Patterson, also ironically hale from Woodland Park and are new peeps in our music world, but we are soooooo glad we got to experience a night with them. Their songwriting is deep and thoughtful, but the melodies are rockin’ and soulful. Both Barry and Michelle are extremely talented both vocally and musically. Their songs were rounded out with the percussion of their new addition to their tour, Melissa, who sounded awesome and made me wish I had learned how to be a chick drummer years ago. I guess I can still wish, huh? Please check out The Patterson’s blog and keep up with these guys and check out their new album, Long,Straight,Uphill Climb, you won’t regret it! Don’t miss their video blogs, pretty hilarious.

Both couples have also been part of the musical collaboration Enter the Worship Circle. Tim and Laurie appear on the Fourth Circle, and Barry and Michelle are featured on the Third Circle with our friends Justin and Kelly Nygren. It’s music that is difficult to explain in words, you really just have to hear it. These albums, in my mind, are like no other worship music I’ve ever heard. They are raw, honest, and beautiful. Go to the About page to find out how this truly amazing project got started.

So, I probably could go on and on about our other fave Boulder musicians, but I’ll save that for another day. There is a deep connection between all these guys that have blessed our lives in ways that I can’t express.  All I ask is that you check out their music, tell your friends, and buy their albums for everyone you know. These sons and daughters depend on us to keep their music seeding and growing and we don’t ever want them to stop!