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Worship @ 8500

So, we didn’t make it to the mountains for this inaugural fest this summer, but maybe there’s next year? Thanks Tim and Laurie for posting this! http://www.theblackthornproject.com/2009/07/23/all-that-i-know/ You can learn more about Tim and Laurie from their website and my blog post here: https://searchingtheway.wordpress.com/2008/11/24/house-concerts-rock/

All that I know
Is love has come around
Like the grass under the golden sun
pushes through the ground
All I know is love has come around

All that I know
Is peace has come around
Like the rain beneath the silver moon
glistens to the ground
all I know is peace has come around

I will kiss the days behind me now
and thank you for the beauty that I never saw
I will say goodbye to what is gone
Welcome what I know has been here all along
Been here all along

I finally see tonight
The bluing of the sky
I run into the arms that have been open all the time
Open all the time

By Timothy Floyd Thornton and Laura Elizabeth Thornton
Bricklayer Music Publishing(ASCAP)/Music Guru Publishing(ASCAP)
© Bricklayer Music Publishing 2006. All rights reserved. Please email us for a license to re-record or include this song in media.