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Doing Dallas the Green Way

I’m finally making some time to post about our last couple of weeks. Jeff had a pretty rough few days last weekend making the trip from Seattle to Plano in 4 1/2 days in an RV that he had NEVER driven before! He’s such a great dad and husband for making the 2,400 mile trip with no co-pilots.  He didn’t get time to enjoy the sights, but he was able to make a quick stop in Boulder for a chance to chat with a few friends and stop driving the beast for a bit.  Parks and I were very ready for him to make it home safely!!!!

 We finally had the time and energy to explore and start working on the Live Lightly RV a few days ago. We hope to accomplish some painting and freshening things up over the next month or so and just begin to make it feel like our new home. It’s weekend warrior time!

So, to take a break from all of Jeff’s traveling and our stress we took Parks to the Dallas Zoo on Saturday. It ended up being quite the adventure. We parked the car, our only vehicle since April, at the DART rail station in Plano and boarded the train that would take us directly to the Dallas Zoo. Parks was way excited to ride the train and he had a great time. He just kept asking every stop, “are we at the zoo yet?” We finally made it an hour later to the zoo stop, hopped off the train and went straight to the entrance. How convenient is that, no parking, no fighting traffic? I vote for that!

We all had a great time checking out all the animals, the guys liked the snakes and reptiles, of course,  which make my skin crawl, but we all enjoyed watching the elephant drink water with his trunk and cool himself off by slinging mud on his back! Oh, and the monkeys that Parks wanted to tickle. We were entertained to say the least. The Dallas Zoo is a really big place, and we only made it through half of it on this trip. Once we made it to the Children’s Zoo section where there was a water park, it was time for Parks to cool off, get out of the stroller, and play a bit.

We made our way back to catch the train because we had planned to make one more stop in Dallas before heading all the way to Plano. We boarded the train at the zoo and the conductor announced that there was a problem on the tracks north of us, so we’d have to go back south for a bit. Something about a building collapsing near the tracks. Hmmmmm, sounds interesting………A good while later we were dropped off at a station instructed to board a shuttle bus that would transfer us to another train station. Needless to say, we got the tour of Dallas and some interesting stories from that detour.  Parks slept in Jeff’s arms throughout all the transfers, so that was great! Finally we made it back to where we needed to be in Dallas, rushed down probably at least 15 blocks to Green Living which was soon closing.  We just made it in time to pick up some no VOC paint for the RV and a wedding gift.

We caught a bus headed back from the store to the train station, realizing 15 min later that it was taking us in the wrong direction. Luckily Parks made friends w/a 2 year old that rode with us most of the way, so they entertained each other.  An hour later we finally made it back to the station, headed back to Plano, grabbed some dinner, and we all crashed hard after our fun filled 12 hour day on the town!

You can see our zoo photos here.

We also had a great July 4th. We are lucky enough that the City Of Plano puts on such a fun parade and the whole town really gets involved and supports it. Oh, and what makes it even better is that  we can just stumble out of bed and down the sidewalk because the route comes just down from our house! An early evening visit to IKEA wrapped up the day!

You can check out the July 4th Plano parade photos here.